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August 3 Update

What an amazing experience! My tenth campaign for public office was my best campaign ever, yet I got my lowest vote ever, just .37%. Then a miracle happened; I got a last-minute flurry of publicity — mostly from hard core Zionist media — on Election Day that accomplished what I’ve been trying to do for years: transform me from what the local media describe as a perennial fringe candidate to a global activist.

Before I continue, I want to thank one of my heroes, Iris Chang, who was a major inspiration.

Please believe in THE POWER OF ONE. One person can make an enormous difference in the world. One person — actually, one idea — can start a war, or end one, or subvert an entire power structure. One discovery can cure a disease or spawn new technology to benefit or annihilate the human race. You as ONE individual can change millions of lives. Think big. Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals.

Iris Chang

Actually, I want to thank all of my heroes, including Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Gaddafi, Eugene Debs, Malcolm X and other great thinkers and revolutionaries. I even include a few Jews among my heroes, namely Carl Sagan and Paul Wellstone.

I also want to thank the 3,000 (2,954, to be exact) people who voted for me. Please, do not feel like your votes were in vain. Everyone knew that the two candidates with the most money, a token Democrat and a token Republican, would “win” in the end. And anyone who has a clue about Washington State’s political scene could have guessed that even voters who are smart enough to vote for independent/alternative candidates would nevertheless favor the most clueless candidates on the ballot. (Bill Hirt? Goodspaceguy? The invisible socialist, Mary Martin? Seriously?!)

So when some douchebag who voted for Mary Martin calls me a loser, I just reply “Stop talking to yourself.”

The nightmare is just beginning.

Of course, we have to face the bad news: The election is over. I mean we’ll get to vote again in November, but we’ll only get to choose between two flavors of status quo, Democrat and Republican, and it’s virtually guaranteed that Jay Inslee will retain his office, free to give Microsoft and Boeing more tax cuts while screwing parents, teachers and workers.

Similarly, those of us with brains know that Hillary Clinton was ordained to be our next pResident years ago. If you’re an eternal optimist, you can vote for Donald Trump as the lesser of evils — kind of like choosing between cancer and AIDS.

When George W. Bush’s second term came to an end, the headlines read “The Nightmare is Over.” Yet Obama turned out to be an even bigger nightmare. That’s sixteen years of rampant corruption and tyranny, sixteen years of insanity. We now stand on the threshold of eight years of Hillary. And given the federal government’s ever increasing corruption and arrogance, how do we know she won’t become pResident for Life?

That makes the 3,000 people who voted for me even more special. This country can’t survive without intelligent, caring adults, even if they make up less than 1% of the population.

Seriously, anyone with a brain is a precious commodity in this increasingly warped country, and you’re desperately needed in Washington, which easily ranks as one of the most insane states. Washington was the lone state that carried Pat Robertson when he ran for pResident years ago. Today, Seattle is the home of the biggest Bernie Sanders fan club in the nation. Forget the homeless; they’re already lost. But thousands of children trapped in derelict public schools — especially Bill Gates’ charter schools — desperately need any intelligent, caring adults who care to look their way.

When pondering the election results, remember the following:

• I put more work into my campaign website than any other candidate (two or three of whom didn’t have campaign websites at all).
• I probably discussed as many issues as all my opponents combined.
• I was the only candidate who so much as mentioned Bill Gates.
• I was the only candidate who took on the Jewish Mafia.
• During the campaign, my name was mentioned ZERO times by the Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Weekly and The Stranger; ditto for most media in other communities.
• With the loss of Washington’s blanket primary several years ago, elections are more than ever rigged to favor Republicans and Democrats; non-Demopublican candidates have very little chance of getting more than 5% of the vote.
• Primary elections were once held in September, but they’re now held in August, when many potential voters are on vacation.
• Voter turnout for primary elections is typically much lower than for general elections, which is stupid, because the primary generally offers the only chance to choose good candidates (and even the primary is a long shot these days).
• Most people who do vote, vote stupid. Status quo candidates (e.g. Jay Inslee, Bill Bryant, Hillay Clinton, Donald Trump) are virtually guaranteed a free pass, while the minority of voters who opt for independent/alternative candidates often vote for them based on party affiliation only (e.g. Mary Martin, who is NOT a genuine socialist).

We all know we’re getting screwed; even many of the most stupid voters realize that. The question is what can we do about it?

How do the Jew(archist)s and other corrupt and powerful groups acquire and hold on to power? They use their heads!

In that spirit, the word Jewarchy is a powerful weapon in our arsenal. It won’t topple Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv all by itself, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In the meantime, WHERE ARE THE MUSLIMS?

I assume many of the 3,000 people who voted for me are Muslims, but why don’t I see any action on the Internet? Why are no pro-Muslim or anti-Zionist groups supporting my campaign?

I can tell you why no NeoNazi groups mention my crusade: They’re working for the Jews.

I’m not the first to make that observation. NeoNazis play a role similar to Donald Trump; their job is to act and speak as outrageously and obnoxiously as possible while discussing various conspiracy theories involving Jews. Ordinary people then asssume that those conspiracy theories must not be credible, since they’re espoused by white supremacist kooks.

But surely there must be some genuine pro-Muslim groups out there? During my campaign I contaced a number of media in Muslim countries. I contacted various Muslim and anti-Zionist political groups.

Not one of them replied.

I was quite possibly the only candidate in the nation who spoke out against the Jewish Mafia. There are an unknown number of activists who are speaking out against the Jewish Mafia, but few, if any, of them have a weapon as powerful as Jewarchy in their arsenal.

If you’re too apathetic or clueless to support me, then why the Hell should anyone support YOU? Wake up!

Election Day Update

Last year (2015), I ran for a seat on the Seattle School Board. It was my best campaign ever, yet I got a lousy 1% of the vote, my worst showing ever. My 2016 campaign for Governor blows my last campaign out of the water. It’s an astonishing success on both a public and personal level. I won’t know how many votes I got until tomorrow at the earliest, but it really doesn’t matter.

I’ve proved that a candidate doesn’t have to get elected to make a difference.

The courageous Jewish media began publishing articles about me and my campaign on the day of the election. My favorite (so far) is ‘Jewarchy!’ The Rallying Cry of Man Running for Governor of Washington (Forward). It’s a classic smear piece, where some propagandist quotes the person he wants to destroy, then lets readers (most of them posting anonymously or pseudonymously) tear him to pieces with their comments.

The irony is that every word in the article is true! It’s by far the best article about my campaign that I’ve seen. And the mindless comments really make a powerful case for the need for a word like Jewarchy. I just wish Forward had the cajones to publish it a couple weeks earlier, when it ironically would have helped my campaign go viral. Publishing articles about candidates on election day is a great way to highlight yourself as a L-O-S-E-R.

A similar article appeared in Fringe Candidate for Washington Governor: ‘Jewarchy’ Behind ‘Holohoax’ (Haaretz). El Mundo published a kinder piece, CANDIDATES: David Blomstrom, though it also waited until Election Day.

In other exciting news, the Seattle Times published an article about fringe candidates just a day or two ago, and it includes a photo of the invisible socialist candidate Mary Martin, though it doesn’t even mention me. So now I’m biting my nails, wondering if that last-minute burst of publicity will help the Times ensure that phony socialist Mary Martin gets more votes than I do.


As I predicted, my biggest allies would be the Jewish media, which would eventually be forced to publicize the word they dread more than any other: JEWARCHY.

Forward, Haaretz, even Seattle’s TheMikeReport (or KikeReport, as some anti-Jewish folks call it) have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. One can only wonder when the Seattle Times and the Zionist weekly The Stranger will jump on the bandwagon.

I learned how to make videos just a few weeks ago, and my very first video, Jewarchy vs Antisemitism, now has more than 500 views.

In summary, I created JEWARCHY, and I put it on the map, and every Jew(archist) on the planet united can’t stop it.

After the election, all the candidates will sink into obscurity but two — the winner (Jay Inslee) and the even bigger winner (me). Tweny years from now, Inslee will be (barely) remembered as just one in a long line of corrupt corporate stooges appointed to Washington State’s highest office. I set my sights on something bigger, and I won.

All the retards who voted for Mary Martin, Goodspaceguy or any of several one-issue candidates can take consolation in the fact that Jewarchy isn’t listed in any dictionary — yet.

But keep looking over your shoulders, retards, because my campaign website isn’t going away, nor are and my video going away. In fact, I’m going to churn our more videos than you can keep up with. (You’ll LOVE my next one.)

A personal note to that bloviated, inbred right-wing media whore who likes to shoot his neighbors’ dogs and screw children, Frank Blethen: I’ve got you by the balls, Crank, and you know it.

Original Victory Post

Yes, it’s a little early to predict the outcome of this race — and victory? Although I believe it’s possible to win this election, I realistically have very little chance of making it past the primary, thanks to a combination of establishment corruption and public apathy/stupidity.

The last gubernatorial campaign featured nine candidates (Wikipedia). The two winners of the primary (a Democrat and a Republican) got almost exactly 90% of the vote. Two other Demopublicans got almost exactly 6.5% of the vote.

The remaining five candidates split the remaining 3.5% of the vote. Of those James White did best, with .98%.

This time around, there are ELEVEN candidates. If the top two Demopublicans receive a total of just 50% of the vote, that would still leave nine candidates splitting the remaining 50%. If they split it equally, they’ll receive about 5.6% of the vote apiece.

But we can probably trust an army of stupid or selfish voters to give Lee Inslee and Bill Bryant at least 80% of the vote, leaving the rest of us a lousy 20% of the pie to feud over.

An eternal optimist, I say let’s give it our best shot. But as a realist, I have a pretty good hunch our next Governor’s name is going to rhyme with Lee Inslee or Bill Bryant.

A Question of Perspective

But can a candidate lose and win at the same time?

I run for office for a variety of reasons. Education is one of my primary motivations. Running for office is an educational experience for me, and my campaigns also educate the public (though the vast majority of citizens are probably too clueless to understand what I’m talking about). Another motivator is accountability. I like to expose corrupt people and organizations and tar and feather them for good measure.

One of my biggest victims is a Seattle weekly tabloid, The Stranger. Actually, I exposed it as a Zionist rag when I ran for a seat on the Seattle School Board last year. But this campaign gives me an even bigger soapbox, and I’m going to stomp The Stranger and its cronies even harder.

My campaign has already shined a spotlight on censorship. When Thurston County’s Elections Manager, Tillie Naputi-Pullar, told me she was banning the statement I submitted for the Voters Pamphlet, I stood my ground — and won.

It’s a good bet she wanted to ban my statement because it begins with the word Jewarchy. And that’s where my campaign is a smashing success.

Jewarchy is a word I coined as an alternative to that vile, grossly manipulated word, antisemitism. Antisemitism is a powerful plank in Jewish mythology and propaganda. Remove that plank, and a lot of Jewarchists are suddenly going to find themselves standing naked with the whole world watching.

Corrupt Jewish groups hate and fear my Jewarchy project. My website has been heavily censored, even by Google (which, by the way, is owned by Jews).

But instead of backing down, I decided to shove it in their faces. I declared myself a candidate for Washington State Governor, and the rest is history, even if the local media still want to pretend I don’t exist.

Like they say, you can’t kill an idea, especially when that idea is displayed on an official government elections page and in thousands of Voters Pamphlets lying around in people’s homes, libraries, schools and post offices. The word is out.

And it’s only a matter of time before intelligent people begin to catch on and begin promoting this strange new word, Jewarchy. Keep in mind that Jewarchy isn’t a local campaign; people around the world are welcome aboard. Indeed, I expect to see the most support coming from the international Muslim community.

Personal Victory

This campaign has also turned into a victory on a very personal level.

It all began in 1999, when I first ran for public office. I was a newcomer to politics and didn’t know what to expect. In fact, it was eerily similar to working as a teacher — I was lied to, insulted, libeled and stabbed in the back by an army of public officials, media whores and private citizens who can be best described with the A word.

But I stood my ground, running for state office the very next year. I was pleasantly surprised to get 8% of the vote, which is actually pretty good considering the extraordinary odds I was up against.

I began running for office on a regular basis, continually learning more about politics, writing and web design as I honed my skills. But it didn’t seem to be paying off. Increasing corruption in the election system and an increasingly brainwashed public is simply a lethal combination. I felt like I was treading water.

In 2015, I ran for the Seattle School Board once again. It was my best campaign ever, and I added a new enemy to my hit list — Jewarchy.

I was rewarded with my worst showing ever, a lousy 1.12%. Yet I was still happy, because I knew I had run a potent campaign.

My latest campaign has turned into a fantasy. By coincidence, my websites — which crashed a year or two ago — began coming together in the spring (2016). In May, I finally decided to give WordPress a try and was pleasantly surprised. Most of my campaign websites are now running on WordPress, which has given me a big boost.

My political IQ, writing and web design talents are at their peak, making this campaign a real joy. I’m also getting a lot of satisfaction from my victories, including standing up to the Jewish Mafia, exposing The Stranger and Google and putting Thurston County’s Elections Manager in her place.

But, most important of all, I’ve found a new sense of balance. I have a bitter hatred of everything that stinks in this country, and "losing" the election by not getting elected will sting, as always. But the clueless public can shoulder the blame for electing another Demopublican, just as they’re going to elect Hillary Clinton, the logical sequal to Obama.

In the end, I know I did my best, and I know I drew blood, and that gives me tremendous satisfaction. I also know that I’ll continue to draw blood as long as I live, for I’m a political activist in the tradition of Che Guevara. In that spirit, it will never be over, for the next revolution is always brewing in the hearts and minds of the undefeated.

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