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Please support my campaign, even if you’ve already decided you’re going to vote for a Demopublican. One reason good people don’t run for office is because no one supports them. Why bother putting yourself in the public eye if the public itself is only going to drown you in their apathy?

There are two major channels of support to consider…


The most important way you can help is to simply spread the word.

The media will do their best to ignore me, as they always do. I’m even being blacklisted by Google and Wikipedia (though Google has finally indexed my campaig website).

Simply mentioning my campaign to your friends can be a big help. Better yet, post links to on the Internet — on websites, forums, in comments on articles, etc. You can also use e-mail to scatter the URL to the four winds.


Thank you for thinking of contributing to my gubernatorial campaign, Washington vs Seattle. But exactly where will your money go?

Most candidates for higher office raise literally millions of dollars, much of which is spent on campaign advertising and publicity, including newspaper advertisements, TV commercials, yard signs and a variety of events. Special events include fancy dinners attended by rich people who want to lavish still more money on candidates who will help them get richer by screwing YOU.

Governor Contributions

Screen shot from the Public Disclosure Commission’s Statewide Candidates page (May 6, 2016)

In all my previous campaigns combined, I’ve never spent one penny on campaign advertising. Why buy yard signs when local thugs will only trash them? Why try to compete in an arena where you’re hopelessly outgunned?

A big fan of asymmetric warfare, I channel my energy into my websites, in which I’ve invested literally thousands of hours and thousands of dollars over a period of many years.

Right now, my primary expense is the filing fee — $1,718.98. If I can raise enough to cover that expense, my next goal is to invest in strategies that will help protect my websites, which were being attacked by hackers and spammers months ago. Such strategies include upgrading to higher quality servers and creating multiple domains for some sites (more or less cloning my campaign website, for example).

Legal Guidelines

You can make a single contribution of $25 or less anonymously. In other words, I’m required to report your contribution to the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), but I do not have to reveal your name or other personal information.

If you want to contribute more than $25, then you have to give me your name and address, which I’m required to forward to the PDC. If you make a contribution of $10 followed by a second contribution of $20 (a total of $30), then you must supply your name and address.

If your combined contributions exceed $100, you must give me your name, address, occupation, employer and employer’s address.



The simplest way to contribute is to simply click the PayPal button. (Note: You don’t have to be registered with PayPal!) It will take you to a page where you can contribute any amount you want via PayPal. Just remember to supply any required information, as noted in the table below.

Total* Name Address Occupation Employer Address
< $25          
$25-100 X X      
$100+ X X X X X
*If you make more than one contribution, the total is the sum of your combined contributions.

You can supply the information via e-mail or snail mail.

David Blomstrom
PO Box 95465
Seattle, WA 98145

You can also send a personal check (along with any required information) to the address above.

Campaign 2020 Mementoes

Below are some items you can purchase.

Thank you for any support you care to offer.

New State Flag T-shirt

New State Flag T-shirt #2

Political Business Cards

Don’t sit Campaign 2020 out! Pick an issue and promote it with some classy business cards.

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