Statement on Elie Wiesel

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The Passing of a Legend

July 2, 2016 marked the death of Elie Wiesel, who was probably second only to Anne Frank as the name most associated with the Holocaust. The timing was a little eerie, because I was hard at work on my series Jews 101 when I learned of Wiesel’s passing. It gets weirder still because another famous Holocaust survivor is currently making headlines — the famous Nazi-hunter, Simon Wiesenthal.

Ouch! Brother Nathanael was just as hard on Eli Weasel as I was, and he even includes a photo that proves he had no tattoo on his arm. See Who will replace Elie Wiesel?.

Wiesenthal died several years ago, but the city of New York recently cut off its “spigot of funds” to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is at the center of some huge scandal, like most Jewish “charities.” Speaking of corruption, did you know about Elie Wiesel’s connections to Bernie Madoff, who could be called the Elie Wiesel of fraud?

It all started with one of Elie Wiesel’s scams, the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, which he established in 1988. Like a number of other well-known Jewish “charities,” the Foundation was easy pickings for Uncle Bernie, the financier who was arrested in late 2008 and accused of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Wiesel said he ended up losing $15.2 million in foundation funds, along with his and his wife’s own personal investments. He probably hated Bernie Madoff more than anyone except Adolf Hitler. The irony is that Hitler would have taken care of Madoff if he was still alive.

You see, Wiesel, Wiesenthal and Madoff are all Jews, and Madoff isn’t necessarily the worst of the three. Wiesel and Wiesenthal are both widely regarded as liars, and that’s just the beginning.

Wiesel and Wiesenthal both claimed to have spent time in Nazi concentration camps, and both milked their misadventures for all they were worth. Ironically, some people suspect that neither one ever set foot in a concentration camp. Indeed, Wiesel is perhaps the most popular poster boy for the Holohoax camp. Others believe there was a Holocaust of sorts and Wiesel and Wiesenthal really were caught up in it, but they greatly exaggerated the horrors they witnessed.

As I researched Elie Wiesel, I discovered a story so remarkable I’m amazed Hollywood never turned Wiesel into a movie star. The story is complex, too; Wiesel was a man who could be loved or hated, depending on one’s perspective.

So I decided to write two eulogies for Wiesel. The first is written from the perspective of an anti-Zionist or an anti-Jewarchist who hates Jewish corruption in general. The anti-Jewish/NeoNazi crowd will enjoy it, too. The second is written for the Elie Wiesel fan club, which includes people involved with the Holocaust Industry as well as Microsoft shareholders and the Andy Warhol cult.

1. The Bill Gates of Holohoaxers

Just for argument’s sake, suppose Wiesel wrote and spoke the truth, and the Germans who gave us the Holocaust were just as evil as he claimed. Suppose they were as twisted as Obama, who flaunts his Nobel Peace Prize even as he slaughters innocent people with unmanned drones and continues callously torturing people. I would still despise Elie Wiesel (who was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986). Why?

Suffering does different things to different people. Some people rise above their suffering and learn to empathize with others who are also suffering. They become voices of compassion and wisdom. Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller come to mind.

Then there are people like that batshit crazy senator from Arizona, John McCain, who claims he was tortured while held as a prisoner in North Vietnam. Assuming he really was tortured, we should condemn the Vietcong for letting that piece of shit out of his cage.

Elie Wiesel was more similar to John McCain than to Helen Keller or Mandela.

Elie Gates, meet Bill Wiesel

However, a better comparison would be Elie Wiesel and Bill Gates. Combine Woody Allen’s forlorn face with Bill Gates’ famously untamed hair, and you might have an Elie Wiesel lookalike. But beauty is more than skin deep.

Like Bill Gates, Elie Wiesel was a con man. Like Gates he claimed to care about humanity while really advancing his personal agenda. Wiesel even attended the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, an event perhaps most closely associated with Bill Gates.

Oprah Winfrey, too!

Another person I’d like to weave into this story, just for the Hell of it, is Oprah Winfrey. Like Wiesel, she’s a media whore, though the similarities pretty much end there.

Oprah once declared that anyone who criticizes Obama must be racist, just as people who criticize Israel are racist. Obama, who has all but transformed into a Jew himself, showed his appreciation by giving Oprah the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Next thing you know, Oprah will follow Obama’s lead and start wearing one of those stupid Jewish prayer caps.

On second thought, Oprah does resemble Elie Wiesel in another important respect; she exploits child abuse the way the Weasel exploits the Holocaust. Which isn’t to say Oprah wasn’t really a victim of child abuse. Who knows?

Oprah once accompanied Wiesel to Germany, where they toured the concentration camps Wiesel once called home. Maybe some day she’ll visit Gaza.

The Arm Mystery

Elie Wiesel may have a secret in common with former Seattle Mayor Norm Rice. Rice was allegedly shot by his wife after she caught him in bed with another lover (a man). I always wondered why Rice didn’t shut critics up by just rolling up his sleeve and showing them a scar-less arm.

Similarly, Wiesel claimed the Nazis tattooed A-7713 on his left arm, but some critics claim he lied. The world’s most famous tattoo can’t even be seen in photos of Elie wearing short-sleeved shirts.

The Two Faces of Elie Wiesel

Wiesel did his part to prevent Iran from making nuclear weapons, though he apparently had nothing to say about Israel’s illegal nuclear arsenal. The Times (London) refused to run his ad condemning Hamas for the “use of children as human shields” during the 2014 Israel-Gaza massacre (when Israeli storm troopers killed a helluva lot of children, shields or not). He also declared that “Jerusalem is above politics . . . it belongs to the Jewish people.” Screw the genuine Semites who have lived there for centuries.

Elie Wiesel blasted Fidel Castro, ranting about political prisoners, yet never missed a chance to be photographed with Obama, who’s still torturing people on some island in the Caribbean…could it be Cuba?

No hypocrisy there! And for good measure, Elie hammed it up with George W. Bush, too. Indeed, he supported George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq as a necessary moral act.

I’ll shed no tears for Elie Wiesel, who was obvious a RACIST LIAR AND HYPOCRITE.

2. Elie Wiesel & Campbell’s Soup: Good for the Soul

Anyone who views Elie Wiesel as a humanist or political activist is going to be sadly disappointed when they discover the truth. But what difference does it make if he really wasn’t a warrior for truth and justice at all? What if he was just a pop artist who liked to pretend he cared?

In fact, Wiesel seemed to fashion himself a storyteller, even admitting that he didn’t have a high regard for the truth. And you have to admit his gift paid off.

He became a millionaire, even if Bernie Madoff stole his fortune. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize and a knighthood.

Elie wrote over fifty books. Some people describe them as little more than clones of his first book with different titles. But what difference does that make if people bought them? In addition, Elie wrote in both French and English and learned even more languages in his youth. He also became a college professor.

Elie helped establish the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and publicly condemned the 1915 Armenian genocide. If he had lived a little longer, he probably would have commented on the ongoing Native American genocide.

What other honors could one want? The Los Angeles Times called Elie Wiesel “the most important Jew in America.” And who could forget Three Dog Night’s classic hit “Eli’s Coming”?

Westward Bound

Imagine if Elie Wiesel had been born about 75 years earlier in Pennsylvania instead of Transylvania. Imagine if he could have accompanied Mark Twain on his epic tour of the Wild West. Think of the stories those two could have wove!

Take the story about the 6,000 Jewish prisoners who were forced to march 170 miles. Less than 5,000 survived, including a stoic youth with an amputated toe and a gangrenous foot. At the end of the march, he collapsed in the snow and was pronounced dead. He was then taken to a crematorium, where it was discovered he was still alive.

For the next three months he was confined to bed, with the gangrene spreading up to his knee. Surviving on 200 calories a day didn’t help. But when the Americans finally arrived to liberate the Jews, he happily waltzed out to greet them.

That stoic youth wasn’t Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan; it was the great Nazi-hunter, Simon Wiesenthal. When I read about a tourist blowing his foot off in New York’s Central Park, not far from Wiesel’s funeral, I was reminded of Wiesenthal’s gangrenous foot. Was that the message the tourist was trying to send out?

The Andy Warhol Factor

Of course, Elie Wiesel had nothing to do with the Wild West. He was an urban icon of the modern era. In fact, he bore a striking resemblance to the ultimate pop icon, Andy Warhol.

Consider some of these amazing coincidences…

• Their parents all hailed from the former Austro-Hungarian empire. (Austro stands for Austria, not Australia.)
• Elie Wiesel was born in Transylvania, Andy Warhol in Pennsylvania.
• Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust Museum is matched by Andy Warhol’s Andy Warhol Museum.
• A 2009 article in The Economist described Warhol as the “bellwether of the art market.” Similarly, Wiesel could have been described as the “bellwether of the Holocaust industry.” As long as he was profiting from the Holocaust, lots of other Jews were raking in the cash, too.

Like Elie Wiesel, Andy Warhol was no stranger to pain. He was a hypochondriac. His father died when he was only 13. One can hardly imagine how Warhol felt when he learned that seven prints of his famous Campbell’s Soup Cans were stolen from an art museum in Missouri. (The FBI offered a $25,000 reward for their recovery.)

Warhol was always surrounded by weirdos. Similarly, Wiesel could have been described as a pain magnet. He was constantly surrounded by the suffering, as long as they weren’t Muslims. He was even photographed with the famous pop singer Cyndi Lauper, who’s waging a private battle with psoriasis.

Andy Warhol’s life was arguably more tragic than Wiesel’s, because he died at a much younger age. After a priest said a brief prayer and sprinkled holy water on Warhol’s casket, one of his weird friends dropped a bottle of the Estee Lauder perfume “Beautiful” into the grave. Someone at Holohoax headquarters apparently arranged for a tourist to blow his foot off during Wiesel’s funeral. Not to be outdone, Mormons posthumously baptized the parents of the the late Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal.

One almost gets the sense that Wiesel and his Nazi-hunting friend were a little weird, similar to Warhol. Of course, the similarity between Andy Warhol’s often photographed white hair and that magnificent replica of an old growth forest on Wiesel’s head is a show stopper. Not even Bill Gates can compete with those two.

In that spirit, I’d like to ask all the anti-Zionists and Jew haters to take a chill pill and just accept Elie Wiesel for what he was — a Transylvanian weirdo who was just trying to make a buck like the rest of us. If he made his fortune by spouting lies, so what? We could make the same complaint about Bill Gates, Obama or just about any American politician, corporate attorney or media whore. So put your Xbox down and make a donation to your nearest Holocaust Museum, Inc.

Elie Wiesel
Elie Wiesel Lookalikes Which of these four celebrities do you think most resemble Elie Wiesel? Left to right: Woody Allen, Andy Warhol, Bill Gates, Mao Zedong
Woody WieselWoody Wiesel: Woody Allen had sex with his adopted daughter, while Elie Wiesel screwed taxpayers. Though neither Wiesel nor the wood man would be much fun at a party, there was actually much more depth to Wiesel’s character. It’s a good bet that Woody Allen’s funeral will be just as dull as his life. Woody WieselBill Wiesel: Bill Gates may actually be a better liar than Elie Wiesel was, and he never got ripped off by Bernie Madoff. Still, one can only wonder how much money Wiesel could have made if he had owned Microsoft and integrated it with the Holocaust Industry. Then again, some people think that’s what Bill Gates has done.
Mao WieselMao Wiesel: Chairman Wiesel and Mao Zedong had a lot in common, including statues and museums. Like Wiesel’s Nazi-hunting friend, Simon Wiesenthal, Mao was famous for his “Long March,” though he wasn’s handicapped by gangrene. Elie WarholElie Warhol: This picture proves that Elie Wiesel had awesome cool potential. He could have invented crappy software and tracked down the Nazis the U.S. government imported into America at the same time.

Andy Warhol Sculpture

This statue of Andy Warhol looks similar enough to Elie Wiesel to represent both. It should be relocated to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

In the meantime, It’s rumored that Paul Allen, inspired by the wild success of his EMP project, is thinking of emulating the crushed Coke can look in a sister museum that will let visitors explore the Holocaust up close. It’s tentatively named THE, an acronym for The Holocaust Experience.


Artist’s conception of Paul Allen’s THE project, which would consist primarily of the main THE exhibit, supported by THIS and THAT wings. THE is essentially a mirror image of Paul Allen’s EMP, which one reporter described as a “crushed Coke can” — a pretty stupid comment when it obviously looks like THREE crushed Coke cans. THE is very close to the tax-subsidized headquarters of the Gates Foundation, which has been dubbed the Bernie Madoff of Philanthropy. Note the Andy Warhol/Elie Wiesel sculpture in the foreground.

Learn more about Elie Wiesel @ (under construction; should be online July 4 or 5, 2016).

9 thoughts on “Statement on Elie Wiesel”

  1. There is a concept in the Talmud known as “Lashon HaRah” or evil speech. Writing this nonsense, even if it were entirely accurate, serves no useful purpose. It is wrong.

    If you have any shame you should apologize. This screed is disgusting and pointless.

    And yes, I am writing this under my real name.

    1. David W. Blomstrom

      I don’t subscribe to the Torah, or any other holy book. In the political arena, there’s a concept known as “parody,” which typically translates as ridiculing that which needs to be ridiculed.

      Elie Wiesel was a liar and a hypocrite. For me, the last straw was learning about his defense of Israel in its recent attack on Gaza. He accused Hamas of using children as human shields, when it was perfectly clear that the Israeli military was killing people – adults and children alike – indiscriminately.

      In my book, that makes Wiesel no better than a pedophile (and not much different). The people who support Wiesel and other liars and pedophiles are the ones who should apologize.

      Edit: I also think it’s the peak of hypocrisy to whine about people writing “evil things” while bombs and missiles are raining down on Muslims. The Jewish community needs to get its priorities straight.

  2. Thanks for this Statement on Elie Wiesel’s passing. I would like to post the first part only at Elie Wiesel Cons The World web site. I will be formatting it there while I wait for you to give me permission … or not. Naturally, your site will be credited.

    Love what you’ve got here, I’ll be visiting it often, and good luck with your campaign for Governor

    1. David W. Blomstrom

      Awesome; permission granted.

      Also, do you have any information on Wiesel’s finances? I read somewhere that Bernie Madoff ripped off his life savings, which were valued at $1 million. Surely, he was worth far more than that.

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