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When I ran for this office in 2016, there were a whopping eleven candidates. (You can read about them here.) This time around, I’m one of thirty-seven candidates—more than three times as many.

I think the pigs who run this state recruited as many phony candidates as they could in order to distract attention from my campaign. After all, I’ll probably be the only candidate talking about St. Bill Gates and Jewarchy.

Then again, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, manipulated or not, and there are millions of people across the country who have nothing better to do than run for office.

But let’s cut to the chase: Are any of these candidates worth your vote?

The incumbent (Jay Inslee) and Tim Eyman have more name recognition than all the other candidates combined. They will probably get more publicity in the corporate/Jewish media than all the others combined.

However, neither deserve your vote.

Inslee is a corrupt King County Democrat. He has given Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Boeing and other rich people the same obscene tax breaks they got from Gary Locke and Christine Gregoire.

Tim Eyman is a one-issue initiative drone, and he doesn’t even score well on his key issue (taxes). His promise to not raise taxes sounds cool, but how are we going to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes if we don’t raise their taxes?

A glance at the table below can help us quickly eliminate half the candidates.

Name P Home Website Politics1
Thor Amundson I Olympia    
David Blomstrom * Seattle Anti-Jewish Activist, Ex-Teacher & Frequent Candidate
Craig Campbell NP Tacoma    
Richard L. Carpenter R Bremerton    
Loren Culp R Tumwater Republic Police Chief & Army Veteran
Cairo D’Almeida D Seatac Psychologist, Union Official & Ex-Construction Worker
Henry Clay Dennison * Seattle Communist Political Organizer & Frequent Candidate
Tim Eyman R Olympia Anti-Tax Activist & Businessman
Phil Fortunato R Auburn State Sen., Ex-State Rep & Stormwater Management Firm Owners
Joshua Freed R Bothell Ex-Bothell Mayor, Real Estate Developer & ’02/’04 St Rep Nominee 
Raul Garcia R Yakima    
Omari Tahir Garrett D Seattle    
Ian Gonzales R Kennewick    
Elaina J. Gonzalez I Wenatchee  
Goodspaceguy R Seattle Amateur Astronomer & Frequent Candidate
Tylor Grow R Arlington    
Liz Hallock * Yakima Attorney, Cannabis Store Owner & ’19 City Council Candidate
Gene Hart D Bremerton    
Nate Herzog R Kenmore    
Bill Hirt R Bellevue   Retired Aircraft Engineer & Frequent Candidate
Jay Inslee D Seattle
Leon Anon Lawson R Shelton  
William B. Miller * Kennewick  
Matthew Murray R Bend, Oregon  
Dylan B. Nails I Colfax    
Cregan M. Newhouse NP Lynnwood City Consumer Protection Enforcement Supervisor
Don L. Rivers D Seattle County Employee, Bishop, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate 
Ryan Ryals U Tacoma Driving School Owner & Community Activist
Anton Sakharov R Issaquah Businessman & Community Activist
Lisa Thomas NP Richland Nurse & ’19 City Council Candidate
Alex Tsimerman * Seattle Business Consultant & Frequent Candidate
Cameron M. Vessey NP Spokane    
David Voltz * Spokane    
Brian R. Weed NP Richland    
Martin “Iceman” Wheeler R Fall City Firefighter
Winston Wilkes * Granite Falls Aircraft Toolmaker
Joshua Wolf * Friday Harbor College Student

Roughly half the candidates (18) either don’t have campaign websites, or their sites were too obscure to be easily found. That strongly suggests a candidate who is either new to politics or who hasn’t had much to say about the issues…until now.

They pretty much coincide with candidates that aren’t listed on the website Politics1. Politics1 may not be the best tool for evaluating candidates, but it is one of the few references I found that listed (most of) the candidates.

Two candidates (Lisa Thomas and Winston Wilkes) appear to be limited to Facebook. That’s pretty amateurish.

One also has to wonder about Matthew Murray, who lists his address as Bend, Oregon. Is he another Mary Martin?

Goodspaceguy is probably the biggest kook in the mix. If I was a dictator, I would probably ban him from running for office.


Just six candidates are Democrats. Among them, Jay Inslee will almost certainly get more votes than the other five combined.

Name Home Website
Cairo D’Almeida Seatac
Omari Tahir Garrett Seattle  
Gene Hart Bremerton  
Jay Inslee Seattle
Don L. Rivers Seattle

The only thing worse than a Democrat is a Democrat from Seattle. However, there is one candidate in this list who merits some respect—Omari Tahir Garrett.

A long-time activist, I believe Garrett began as a critic of the Seattle School District, just like me. He scored major points in my book when he clobbered Mayor Paul Schell with a bullhorn, an incident I’ll discuss in my book SeaWA Politix 101.


Fifteen candidates call themselves Republicans, earning no respect from me. Tim Eyman is by far the most familiar, though Loren Culp has received a fair amount of press.

Name Home Website
Richard L. Carpenter Bremerton  
Loren Culp Tumwater
Tim Eyman Olympia
Phil Fortunato Auburn
Joshua Freed Bothell
Raul Garcia Yakima  
Ian Gonzales Kennewick  
Goodspaceguy Seattle
Tylor Grow Arlington  
Nate Herzog Kenmore  
Bill Hirt Bellevue  
Leon Anon Lawson Shelton  
Matthew Murray Bend, Oregon  
Anton Sakharov Issaquah
Martin “Iceman” Wheeler Fall City

Actually, Goodspaceguy is probably better known than Culp.

A certifiable kook, Goodspaceguy has probably run for public office more times than anyone else in Washington State history. He’s probably recruited to make the Republicans look bad.

Goodspaceguy and Anton Sakharov both call themselves Trump Republicans. In other words, Sakharov is as big a kook as Goodspacenut. Nate Herzog, on the other hand, calls himself a pre-2016 Republican.

Phil Fortunato is a senator. But can he beat Goodspaceguy’s name recognition?

About half of these candidates are nearly invisible, suggesting they’re either political newcomers, or they’re running because they had nothing better to do.

Other Parties

A whopping fifteen candidates are not whores for the Demopublican Party.

Three call themselves Independents, while five claim no party preference. Ryan Ryals declared himself unaffiliated, which probably means about the same thing.

Name Party Home Website
Thor Amundson Independent Olympia  
David Blomstrom Fifth Republic Seattle
Craig Campbell No Preference Tacoma  
Henry Clay Dennison Socialist Seattle
Elaina J. Gonzalez Independent Wenatchee  
Liz Hallock Green Yakima
William B. Miller American Patriot Kennewick  
Dylan B. Nails Independent Colfax  
Cregan M. Newhouse No Preference Lynnwood
Ryan Ryals Unaffiliated Tacoma
Lisa Thomas No Preference Richland
Alex Tsimerman STANDUPAMERICA Seattle
Cameron M. Vessey No Preference Spokane  
David Voltz Cascade Labour Spokane  
Brian R. Weed No Preference Richland  
Winston Wilkes Propertarianist Granite Falls
Joshua Wolf New-Liberty Friday Harbor

Henry Clay Dennison replaces the kooky Mary Martin (who ran in 2012 and 2016) as the token socialist. As much as I respect socialism, the candidates who call themselves socialist in local elections are anything but. Take the Seattle City Council’s Kshama Sawant—please.

Continuing a pattern, half of these candidates are nearly invisible.

Regrettably, I haven’t had time to research all these candidates in detail. I’ll add a few more notes as the election progresses.

One candidate who caught my attention is Joshua Wolf. At the age of twenty-one, I doubt that he’s qualified for the job.

However, Wolf is speaking out boldly about some provocative issues, including sex trafficking. That’s an issue that has somehow even flew under my radar. Maybe I was too preoccupied with the child abuse that is rampant in our public schools.

At any rate, I’ve added sex trafficking to my list of issues, and I thank Joshua Wolf for waking me up.