Okanogan County

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If you're smart enough to know that corporations control our government, then you should understand what I mean when I say that Seattle is Washington's de facto capital. The same scumbags who screw the children trapped in Seattle's declining public schools screw people across the state.

You won't find anyone who knows more about the Seattle Mafia than I do, except for people who are members of the Seattle Mafia, of course. But I can't know everything. I need eyes and ears to tell me what's going on in communities across the state.

If you live in Okanogan County, tell me what you think. Do you have the general perception that Seattle and its Olympia puppeteers are looking after your best interests? Can you offer any specific examples of how the Seattle Mafia is ripping off or oppressing people in your community or county?

Of course, we can't blame everything on the Seattle Mafia. Tell me what local issues concern you, whether there's a clear connection with the Seatle Mafia or not.

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