Micah Xavier Johnson is a Hero

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Before you call Homeland Security to take me away, stop and think about that title. I didn’t say Johnson is MY hero; I said he’s A hero. And even if I did declare Johnson my hero, so what? Does free speech still exist?

Micah Xavier Johnson

As I write this, I’ll bet there are millions of Americans who are toasting Micah Johnson as a martyred hero. He did something big and bold that earned him far more than five minutes of fame. He also apparently has the distinction of being the first U.S. citizen killed by a robot. Cool.

Unlike political prisoners like Leonard Peltier and innocent people (mostly black) who spend their entire lives in prison as the result of “wrongful convictions,” Johnson won’t spend the rest of his life slowly rotting in a concrete cell, one piece at a time.

And it gets better.

Johnson had no criminal record. He apparently acted on his own, and it wouldn’t be accurate to call his explosion on the world stage an act of random violence. It was carefully planned, and he was fighting for a cause bigger than himself.

The most amazing revelation for me is that Johnson isn’t associated with ISIS. In fact, I read somewhere or other that he has no terror ties. Believe it or not, it sounds like the U.S. government may have actually had nothing to do with Micah Johnson’s shooting spree. We aren’t talking about 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing or the Orlando nightclub shooting. The Dallas event was apparently the work of one man, and it occurred just a few blocks from where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in an attack likely orchestrated by the same people who planned 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Orlando nightclub shooting.

I could be wrong. Like the alleged perpetrators of those earlier events, Micah Johnson has been forever silenced. It’s possible that he was working for the CIA. Maybe someone in the Oval Office complained about the public beginning to see through their lies about endless mass killings inevitably blamed on Muslims. “Let’s plan a mass shooting by someone who isn’t a Muslim!” said one sharp-minded colleague who wanted to do his part to promote gun control.

But, for now, I want to believe that Micah Xavier Johnson was a lone crusader who wasn’t manipulated by some shadowy political organization and had no microchips implanted in his body. But would it be possible for an individual to take out a dozen police officers single-handedly, with no assistance?

Of course. Lone individuals can accomplish far bigger things than that.

That’s one of the reasons the criminal class is frothing at the mouth over gun control. Criminals fear nothing more than accountability, which can also be spelled justice. And when the criminal class makes the quest for justice a lost cause, it can transform into revenge.


I read somewhere about some law enforcement bureaucrat insisting that our two-faced pResident, Obama, should give one uniform statement, rather than two separate statements for the police and the black community Obama claims to care about. (You can hear some examples of Obama’s double-speak @ Obama’s Growing Frustration After Fatal Police Shootings.)

In fact, we could and should examine this incident from multiple perspectives. After all, your opinions are going to depend largely on your race, gender and income group. If you’re black, you may very well be cheering for Micah Johnson. If you’re a white right-winger, you’re sympathy probably lies with the police. And if you’re a Jew, you may be working to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement with the most important message the world could hear: Jewish Lives Matter.

Below are my comments on the ethics of the Dallas shooting, gun control and a few other items.


Many people will argue that Micah Johnson couldn’t have possibly known the people he was killing and therefore probably killed innocent people. That’s a very good argument, but there are some counterarguments to consider.

First, it’s a good bet that at least some of the slain officers weren’t so innocent.

In Dallas police shootings: Who are the victims? we learn that Brent Thompson served as a U.S. Marine and trained police in Iraq and Afghanistan while working as a private military contractor (DynCorp).

Frankly, Thompson sounds like a piece of trash to me. As a taxpayer, I do not approve of MY tax dollars being used to invade and occupy other countries, let alone torture and murder innocent people in those countries. Nor am I crazy about the idea of brain-dead marines and soulless military contractors serving as police officers. DynCorp is not without its controversies, by the way.

Patrick Zamarripa was a Navy veteran who served three tours in Iraq, while Michael Smith was a former Army ranger. An article in the right-wing Seattle Times also stressed that one of the slain officers was an Iraq veteran, as if there’s something special about Iraq veterans. Which begs the question: How many children did these people kill in Iraqistan?

Of course, most American football patriots dismiss dead children as “collateral damage,” and, to cover any loose ends, they dismiss just about any war crime with the observation that “they were only following orders.”

In that spirit, we can dismiss any innocent people killed by Micah Johnson as collateral damage in a war between the rich and the powerful and the people they exploit.

Make no mistake, we are at war. Tens of millions of Americans have been downsized to an alarming degree — to the point that some have declared the middle class an endangered species — while Bill Gates is now worth an estimated $80 billion. The average worker can’t afford to buy a house in Seattle, which has transformed into a haven for yuppies whose lives are dedicated to making enough money to retire to a nice city, like Vancouver, while making Bill Gates and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos richer in the process.

In the process, the U.S. is quickly evolving into a police state, with the police working for Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the Jews. Law enforcement’s job is to keep people like you and me in our place. In that capacity, the police often serve as terrorists. We’ve all seen videos of police kicking pregnant women in the belly, stomping on people’s faces, assaulting innocent people with batons, pepper spray and rubber bullets. Seattle’s epic WTO protest was perhaps most remarkable for the live footage of rogue police officers, resembling an army of Darth Vaders.

And the cell phone videos that probably bring in huge advertising profits on YouTube (owned by Google, which is in turn owned by Jews) are just the tip of the iceberg. No one knows how many people are raped and murdered by law enforcement officials in the U.S. each year. The number who are beaten or otherwise terrorized must be appalling. A co-worker recently told me about a rogue police officer who terrorized him on campus when he was a high school student. Another told me about an officer who pulled him over, then hit on his girlfriend.

If you think it’s OK for police officers to terrorize children and minorities, to rape and steal at will and basically do whatever they want with little fear of being held accountable, then you’re probably a member of the upper class, a hard core right-winger or a Jew (most of whom are upper class right-wing Democrats).

And police officers aren’t America’s only bullies. Many public schools principals are little more than thugs designed to keep teachers, students and any parents bold enough to care about their children in their place. School officials in general are bullies, as are many elected officials and their appointees. Public forums are commonly attended by a variety of enforcers, including undercover cops, undercover corporate attorneys, undercover media whores and seemingly ordinary citizens who function as spies and informers.

Bullying in the workplace is so commonplace, it’s often regarded as a big yawn. Some employers warn employees that they can be fired for what they post on Facebook. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.

Gun Control

Obama wasted no time in exploiting the Dallas shooting as another opportunity to plug gun control.

If Obama wants gun control, you know it has to be bad. And Obama isn’t alone. Check out the article New Trend: Billionaires ‘Buying Gun Control’.

It’s US vs THEM, and they want to take our guns away so we can’t defend ourselves.

In fact, one of the leading proponents of gun control is Bill Gates, whose father backed a recent Washington State gun control initiative. Of course, we’ll never hear St. Bill Gates speak out against rogue cops any more than he’s ever spoken out against war. Nor does Bill Gates have anything to say about Black Lives Matter, though his numerous connections with Zionist and other Jewarchistic groups suggest he may soon be marching in a Jewish Lives Matter protest.

The incident in Dallas only strengthens my opposition to gun control.

“People like Micah Johnson only make things worse for the rest of us!”


People who say stupid things like this are the ones who make things worse for all of us. They’re generally either mired in apathy, or they’re whores for the criminal class (e.g. propagandists).

Even that famous Holohoaxer Elie Wiesel focused on the evil of indifference. If your head is stuck in the sand or buried in Xbox, you’re part of the problem.

Micah Johnson cut through all that red tape and government double-talk and made it clear that people are fed up with police brutality. If the government reacts by tightening the screws on gun control and/or our civil liberties, you have only yourself to blame. The government does whatever it wants because of people like you.

So how should we react to government sanctions?

Well, I’m not going to risk prison by encouraging additional police massacres in other major cities. Suffice it to say that, when you’re at war, you do whatever it takes to win.

Of course, it’s hard to fight a war if you don’t know who the enemy is, and it would be a grave mistake to think that law enforcement is the only enemy. We need to look at the people law enforcement works for. That’s right, the enemy includes the people who run our country.

Again, I’m not going to risk prison by encouraging the assassination of Obama or any particular corporate tycoon. But I won’t hesitate to state my belief that there a helluva lot of people in this country who deserve one helluva a punishment for their crimes.

My Hypocrisy

Yes, I know. Micah Xavier Johnson served in the military I so despise. He was stationed in Afghanistan.

You can also call me a racist, because I especially despise black people who enlist in the U.S. military. Why would someone who’s presumably well acquainted with racism want to help the U.S. military slaughter Muslims? Muhammad Ali certainly wouldn’t have approved.

Moreover, Johnson allegedly hated white people. I’m white, and it’s illogical to support people who want to kill you, right?

If an anti-white person attempted to kill me, I’d certainly defend myself. However, I do have a brain, and I understand their rage. It’s the same anger and hatred I feel towards people who exploit me — Republicans, Democrats, union whores, media whores, Jews and on and on.

Let’s face it, the U.S. has become a nation of assholes, and the U.S. is controlled by the rich and powerful, most of whom are white, with Jews increasingly pulling the strings.

So, no, I don’t consider myself a hypocrite. I’ve done my best to make sense of a situation that’s very complex and very simple at the same time.

I don’t know what compelled Micah Johnson to enlist in the military. Perhaps he joined for economic reasons — the same economic reasons that explain why there are so few Jews in the military, even though we’re fighting Israel’s wars. Maybe his eyes were opened once he arrived in Afghanistan, just as my eyes were opened long after my stint in the military.

All I know is that Micah Johnson apparently harbored a rage that I understand and empathize with, and he wasn’t following orders when he made his stand. In my opinion, that elevates him above the brain-dead troops hailed as “America’s finest.” And if we react by condemning Micah Johnson without pondering the big picture, then we will only hasten the day the first innocent person is killed by a bomb-carrying robot or drone guided by some former military contractor working for your local police department.

Please believe in THE POWER OF ONE. One person can make an enormous difference in the world. One person — actually, one idea — can start a war, or end one, or subvert an entire power structure. One discovery can cure a disease or spawn new technology to benefit or annihilate the human race. You as ONE individual can change millions of lives. Think big. Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals.

Iris Chang

P.S. As a political activist and candidate for Washington State Governor, I’m promoting legislation that would protect private citizens from rogue police. This could include the legal right to shoot a police officer in self-defense. It would certainly include dramatically stiffer penalties for police who needlessly assault people. It would also include penalties for police officers who stand by and watch their colleagues assault people. We also need to shoot down this ridiculous standard that makes police testimony in court unimpeachable. Stay tuned as I continue to work on these ideas…

14 thoughts on “Micah Xavier Johnson is a Hero”

    1. David W. Blomstrom

      You’re right. In fact, I’ve been thinking of changing my name to something less ridicurous, like Blomstrom.

  1. Black lives matter as all lives matter. No one can help the race they are born into. All we can do is try everyday to do treat others with love and compassion. I’m not some fucking hippy but compassion is all that matters. I am a teacher and I can tell you that every child born into this world, black or white, is innocent and only turns sour as their good nature is beaten out of them by our shit world. I also have a tremendous mistrust of the government and politicians. I believe in logic and reason. All that being said, you sound like a FUCKING nazi prick. Your antiemetic sentiment is disturbing. I’m not Jewish, in fact I am a member of the church of Satan (not to be confused with the Satanic temple).

    1. David W. Blomstrom

      Thanks for the tip about not confusing the church of Satan with the Satanic temple, Mr. Jerk. And if you’re a woman, please forgive me for not addressing you as Miss or Mrs. Jerk.

      As a Satanist, you clearly have a firm grasp on logic and reason. So when you tell us you aren’t Jewish and you aren’t “some fucking hippy,” I can only conclude that you’re some Satanist jerk who really has nothing intelligent to say beyond your first sentence. Thank you for that extraordinary insight.

      P.S. If you comment on this site in the future, please avoid using the F-word. It’s fucking annoying.

  2. I have a question for you, and please answer honestly.

    You wrote “This could include the legal right to shoot a police officer in self-defense. It would certainly include dramatically stiffer penalties for police who needlessly assault people. It would also include penalties for police officers who stand by and watch their colleagues assault people. ”

    Let’s say for argument sake that this legislation gets passed. How long do you think before there are no longer people who apply for jobs as police officers?

    As you answer my question, think about it from this perspective, if you will. Police need an incentive to do their jobs. After all, it is just a job. There are all kinds of reasons that people become police officers. Some want a decent job, some want to protect others, some want to hurt others, some have a god complex, some are racist….. the list goes on. One thing that remains true is that there needs to be an incentive to do the job. If police can now legally be shot at in any act of self defense, then I would definitely consider that to be a disincentive to wanting to do the job.
    If being told that unless they hold other officers accountable for their actions, which could mean shooting an officer in the field by another officer (Fratricide, justifiable by this legislation), they could be held accountable themselves… then I would consider that to be another disincentive to do the job.

    With these two disincentives, both being quite dramatic, as that is the intention, I am left to wonder who is going to walk in the door and apply to be a police officer. I am left to wonder what the pay is going to have to be to recruit and retain these people.

    I wonder what is to become of the very people that actually do apply to be this new reformed police force, and remain successful for many years. These would be morally superior people to all of us, those who do not make mistakes, do not take advantage of their position, and never ever have a blemish on their record. I could only imagine the ego that these people would have, and the way that they would perceive the rest of society. I wonder how long a person could live like that.

    I believe that if legislation were enacted to do the things that you stated, it would drive the police force recruitment and retention down to only those people that you would approve of, which might be about 10% of the current police force in any major city… after all, I would be willing to bet that 90% of all police have made mistakes that would be extremely detrimental to their continued employment, if that legislation were enacted. People do not like working for peanuts, and as the list of things that they are required to do rise, so does the expected payment.

    It is more likely, at least in my opinion, that the greater majority of people would cease to aspire to be police officers. That might be the overall goal of some people, but I would not want to live in a city that had no police, or very few police….. I prefer social contract theory to natural law, and with only a few morally superior police officers running around, the criminals would be running the streets.

    But again, and I do apologize for the long explanations and such, I would just like you to answer that question… and I will repeat it here.

    Let’s say for argument sake that this legislation gets passed. How long do you think before there are no longer people who apply for jobs as police officers?

    1. David W. Blomstrom

      As they say, the devil is in the details. Let me first repeat the sentence you quoted:

      “This could include the legal right to shoot a police officer in self-defense. It would certainly include dramatically stiffer penalties for police who NEEDLESSLY assault people. It would also include penalties for police officers who stand by and watch their colleagues assault people.”

      We’ve all seen videos of gangs of uniformed thugs brutally beating people who are handcuffed, slapping around teenaged girls, etc. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this kind of behavior isn’t just wrong, it’s SICK.

      Yes, I want THOSE bastards punished to the full extent of the law. And prospective police officers have two choices: 1) Don’t become a police officer; 2) Become a police officer and just resist the temptation to mercilessly beat helpless people, shoot little kids, blow people’s dogs away, etc. Is that really asking too much?

      To put it in perspective, imagine passing a law that makes it illegal for a teacher to sexually abuse a student.

      In fact, it IS illegal for teachers to sexually abuse children. Every now and then we hear about a teacher crossing the line, and some of those teachers wind up in prison.

      Do prospective teachers back away from the job because they’re afraid they’re going to be prosecuted if they get caught having sex with a student? Of course not!

      Getting back to the police legislation, there are obviously many complications that would have to be ironed out. Legislation would have to offer some clear guidelines. My intention isn’t to make it easy for any lowlife to casually sue a police officer who’s doing his job. But the outrageous acts that are too frequently caught on video are something else entirely.

      If an individual approached by a police officer(s) is made to fear for his life, and that individual murders one or more police officers in self defense, then that case should go in front of a judge and jury. And the bullshit rules that say police officers are gods whose word can’t be questioned should be thrown out the window. The jury should be allowed to know about that police officer’s record.

      As a bonus, such a law could help screen out prospective employees who are pussies masquerading as macho bullies.

    1. This was a good post about MXJ because he actually was a hero for taking out the Blue ISIS in this country. We need more like him.

  3. Sunshine and baby kittens

    How about term limits on being a cop? That way cops would be less likely to suffer burnout from dealing with the scumbags of society.
    This would also allow many others to experience what its like to be a cop, and see just how degenerate parts of our society have become.

    Good thought provoking article 😉

    Also, you know you’re over the target when the times of israel does a story on you. Keep up the good work.

    1. David W. Blomstrom

      Good suggestion, but I really don’t think burnout is the primary problem. The job simply attracts too many macho jerks to begin with. I attended a law enforcement school in California long ago, and I was amazed at some of my fellow students – really creepy.

  4. I know this is several years late response…..but just to let u know a few things:
    Micah did not hate white people.
    He was not a terrorist connected to ANY terror group or hate group.
    He did not have a plan to murder specific people. (although all the ex-military involved in same city makes you wonder if they were connected ….)
    And the act was not a built up rage.
    It was simple…..Police continued to MURDER minorities over and over.
    So he countered. He took a stand. No more talking, marching, protesting. Police officers keep KILLING the people he swore his life to. So he killed police in return. Because he felt his duty as a soldier is to fight for citizens that cant fight for themselves. That simple. He felt like nobody is doing anything, marching and protesting is not stopping the police who keep murdering people so, fuck it. He was the one to stand for them all and shoot back. Thats it. No underlying conspiracy. Just eye for an eye. Whether right or wrong….. Righteous kill.

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