Jim Camden: Everyone’s Bitch

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When I set traps for the media, they seldom take the bait, preferring to just ignore me. After all, even bad publicity can be better than no publicity at all.

So I was stunned when a jerk off named Jim Camden swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Check out his article “Spin Control: Election is near and politics is in the mail” (Jim Camden, The Spokesman-Review, July 26, 2020). The same article appeared in The Columbian on July 29 with a different title: “Camden: As election nears, politics heat up.”

The following sentence pretty much sums it up.

“Some voters also are finding a postcard-sized mailer from gubernatorial candidate David Blomstrom, suggesting the coronavirus pandemic is part of a Jewish conspiracy and dueling with the much-circulated ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy video over who is following the right breadcrumbs down the correct rabbit hole to expose the true plot behind COVID-19.”

Camden also claimed that he “interviewed” me and more or less tricked me into admitting that I did something that ran afoul of the law.

Unfortunately, I can’t prove he’s lying, any more than he can prove he’s telling the truth.

He did call me, rousing me from a deep sleep, and I can barely recall the conversation. I hung up, and ignored him when he called me a second time.

However, I don’t think Camden realized the extent to which he was setting himself up. I don’t expect him to get fired after I publish my full report because, well, newspapers have to stand behind their hand-picked media whores, right?

Nevertheless, Camden may have just become a bit of a liability. He has certainly earned some choice spots in some of the books I’m working on.

From campaigning for Goodspaceguy to fighting for the poor Jews, Jim Camden has earned the title “everyone’s bitch.”

I should have my full report online by mid-August, probably much sooner. Stay tuned!

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