Boycott Seattle!

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The establishment tells us that violent resistance is evil, then when people try peaceful resistance, they’re infiltrated and beaten by undercover cops or told to stay inside their "First Amendment zones." Similarly, the government is responding to the BDS movement by essentially making it illegal to boycott Israel in one state after another.

It sounds like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has Israel and its Zionist puppets in the U.S. running scared. At the very least, it’s a major public relations fiasco.

One of the Zionist-owned corporations that is commonly promoted as a target for boycotting is Starbucks, which is based in Seattle. That made me wonder how many other Zionist-associated operations are represented in Seattle. At the same time, why should we limit our attention to Zionist organizations? There’s no shortage of Seattle-area organizations that are just plain creepy.

Sweetening the pie are some practical advantages to boycotting certain Seattle-based ventures. Below is a list of some Seattle-area ventures that deserve nothing more than your middle finger.



Starbucks appears to be Seattle’s most infamous Zionist bastion by a wide margin, even though CEO Howard Schulz has gone to some lengths to scrub evidence of his support for Israeli terrorism from the Internet.

In fairness, Schulz is in a tough position, forced to placate customers who variously support Israel or its Muslim neighbors. Moreover, Starbucks has apparently closed its operations in Israel. He was also cleared by So what’s the fuss?

It appears that Howard Schulz has been playing games. He was apparently honored in 1998 by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Ha Torah with “The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award” for his services to Israel in “playing a key role in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel.” (See Is Starbuck’s Denial That It Provides Support To Israel Accurate?)

You can learn more about Starbucks under the Seattle Times, which may be Seattle’s biggest Jewish mouthpiece.

The Alternative

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many alternatives as there once were, as Starbucks has crowded out many independent shops, just as Microsoft and Amazon have crushed their competition.

Nevertheless, Starbucks is hardly the only act in town. Check out your neighborhood and see if you can find a nice gentile coffee shop — or look for a WiFi cafe that serves bubble tea.

Ben Bridge, Jeweller

The Bridges don’t have to be Zionists to be bad Jews. They’re rather conspicuous members of the sinister Alliance for Education, a coalition of corporations dedicated to screwing children. In fact, the Bridge clan is so well represented, one might wonder if they’re running the show. Other prominent Jews who are on the Emeritus Board include Kenneth Alhadeff and Nicolas Hanauer.

I can’t legally call any of these people pedophiles without hard proof, but I’m not quite sure what else to call them. There’s nothing cool about screwing children.

The Bridges have another major strike against them: They’re major players in the diamond industry, which was essentially created by Jews in New York City and/or Palestine. As you might guess, the diamond industry is rife with corruption and scandal. Take Africa’s infamous “blood diamonds” — please.

And, just for good measure, there is some evidence that the Bridges are Zionists after all. Take a look at the article Israeli Foreign Ministry Subsidizes Seattle Mayor’s Arab Middle East Vacation (Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, June 7, 2015). Another article informs us that Shirley Bridge, the late wife of Herb Bridge, served on the board of the Women’s Zionist Organization of America (Shirley Bridge, 86, Seattle civic activist and philanthropist, Jack Broom, Seattle Times, June 3, 2008).

Herb Bridge is also a militaristic right-winger; he’s a retired admiral, in fact. Jon Bridge’s wife, Bobbe, was serving as a judge when she was nailed for a hit-and-run while driving while intoxicated. (If I remember correctly, a witness prevented her from fleeing the scene.) Actually, nailed is far too harsh a word. The local media helped whitewash the affair, and Bobbe got off with a slap on the hand.

Ben Bridge

The Alternative

It appears that Ben Bridge, Jeweler’s stiffest competition may be another Seattle-based venture, Blue Nile. There’s an interesting article about it in Forbes (Romance Killer, Forbes, Nov., 29, 2004).

Blue Nile and Ben Bridge both offer “conflict-free diamonds” (Blue Nile | Ben Bridge). I haven’t read the fine print or done any in depth investigating, but I certainly wouldn’t take the word of anyone associated with the Alliance for Education.

Blue Nile’s strongest selling point may be its prices, advertised as 20%-40% lower than the competition.

So if you want to take a swipe at Zionism and child abuse simultaneously, at the same time getting a healthy discount on a (hopefully) ethical diamond, take a look at Blue Nile. Tell’em I sent you.


Where do I begin? Microsoft is a house of cards and a pile of shit all rolled into one.

If you like the idea of boycotting corporations because of corruption, Microsoft is begging for your attention. If you like the idea of boycotting companies that simply produce shoddy merchandise, there’s Bill Gates, mooning you.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, because I’m working on a variety of articles about Bill Gates, his sleazy father, his sleazy business partner, Paul Allen, and their vast empire, which includes Microsoft, the Gates Foundation, K&L Gates, Vulcan and genetically modified food. A good URL to remember for tracking these resources down is

Incidentally, I just recently learned about Microsoft’s new browser, Edge. When the Internet was young, it was the scene of a fierce duel between two browsers — Netscape and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). Microsoft won, with a lot of help from its sleazy, monopolistic owner. Eventually, IE had a market share of more than 90%. If I remember correctly, it was as high as 98% or possibly even 99%.

So what did Microsoft do with that commanding lead?

Well, suffice it to say that there are probably now half a dozen browsers that are better than IE. Microsoft waged a vigorous war to rejuvenate IE, but it was a lost cause. Eventually, they buried IE and created Edge to replace it. A similar fate befell Microsoft’s web design program, FrontPage, which was replaced with a new program whose name I can’t recall because I ditched FrontPage for Dreamweaver in 2002.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is doing far better, running a distant second to Google. It seems like second place is about all Bill Gates (who’s still the real power behind Microsoft) can manage these days, except in the area of corruption.

By the way, Bill Gates isn’t Jewish, but some conspiracy theorists think Monsanto is a Jewish operation. I haven’t researched this question in any detail yet, but I have come across some interesting details. Gates and his buddy, Warren Buffett, certainly have some kind words for Israel in this video, and Microsoft works closely with Israel. It’s also interesting that the greatest philanthropist who ever strode across the globe has virtually nothing to say about the epic suffering of Muslims at the hands of Israel and the U.S.

Draw your own conclusion.


The Alternative

So how does one boycott Microsoft?

Simple: Buy a Mac. As you may know, Macs aren’t cheap. But when you add up the advantages, you may find it a savings in the long run. For example, I’ve been using Macs for well over a decade now, and I’ve never used an anti-virus program. Macs also have a reputation for being user friendly.

And don’t worry about hurting Seattle by doing business with Silicon Valley. Microsoft has done far more harm than good in Seattle. Even local media whores have whined about Seattle losing its soul (along with affordable housing) to all those Microsoft yuppies who have no roots in the community — especially the employees Bill Gates recruits from India.

Microsoft II

Suppose you just can’t afford a Mac, and you aren’t geek enough to go with Linux. Or maybe there’s some other compelling reason for you to stick with Microsoft.

You can still upgrade to a different (and better) browser. As I mentioned above, Mickeysoft finally threw in the towel on its famously crappy browser, Internet Explorer. I don’t how good its new browser, Edge, is, but it’s still Microsoft.

The Alternative

Browsers are amazingly diverse and powerful, and the competition between them is fierce. You can do certain tricks with some browsers that you can’t do with others. Others do certain things better than others. Some are more secure than others. But the playing field is constantly changing, constantly evolving.

You can (and probably should) have more than one browser installed on your computer. Chrome is a very popular and very good browser. On the negative side, it’s made by Google, which has a few skeletons in its closet. But there are other choices.

Opera and Vivaldi are both awesome browsers, and Firefox is still raising Hell on the Internet as well. You might even check out the Russian browser Yandex. The design needs a little polishing, but a Russian browser sounds like a great tool for people who are worried about being spied on by Microsoft and the CIA.


The Nordstroms aren’t Jews, though they could easily pass for Zionist Jews. They’re super rich, super corrupt and rank among Seattle’s best known symbols of racism.

Not surprisingly, it looks like Nordstrom has some genuine Zionist affinities: Nordstrom Fails on Social Responsibility By Selling Products from Illegally Occupied Territory.

However, Nordstrom is far better known for screwing Seattle taxpayers. Nordygate is a little complex, but Mark Worth (author of the classic “Who really runs Seattle?”) offered a good overview in Those Dole-full Nordstroms (Mark Worth, Seattle Weekly, Oct. 9, 2006).

But the stench of the Nordstrom family goes far beyond Seattle. Spokane’s River Park Square scandal is eerily similar to Nordygate. For years, the city was torn by a toxic dispute over the downtown shopping mall, which was financed by a controversial public-private partnership. The scandal turned Spokane’s mayors into short-timers, tarnished the city’s reputation and credit rating and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees. (Mayor scandal jars Spokane’s new spirit, Jim Brunner, Seattle Times, May 15, 2005)

Former Spokane City Councilman Steve Eugster, a vocal critic of the deal, said “This is a poor community. The people are paying a considerable sum of money to have an upscale shopping center downtown that benefits a private party.”

Similar scandals have followed the Nordstroms across the country, to Chicago and Norfolk, Virginia. But ripping off taxpayers is just half the story, for the Nordstroms have an almost magical ability to attract charges of racism, from coast to coast. In fact, it’s hard to think of any other family more closely associated with Seattle’s gentrification (aka ethnic cleansing).

In other news, the Nordstrom tribe is also represented on the board of the Alliance for Education. And they don’t just screw minority children.


The Alternative

Sorry, I don’t have time to do all your homework. There’s a wide variety of clothing stores waiting to be discovered out there.

Seattle Law Firms

Years ago, when I was a budding political activist, I encountered a former Seattle teacher who had a particularly grisly tale of political tyranny to share with me. A little smarter than the average teacher, he went outside Seattle to find an attorney. His attorney was shocked by the corruption in Seattle and warned his client that he might want to skip town for a while.

Let’s face it, Seattle’s legal system is a sewer. There’s no such thing as an honest King County judge, and if you’re suing the Seattle School District, why would you want to enlist the services of a law firm that’s in bed with the school district, like Perkins Coie, Foster Pepper or K&L Gates? Many elected officials, corporate board members and PTSA presidents are attorneys working for these and other law firms. They’re like disease organisms, posing as ordinary citizens at public forums by night and helping corporations screw kids by day.

The Alternative

What can I say? Law is complex, very complex. If you’re thinking of filing a lawsuit, you need to do your homework, keeping in mind that you can trust almost no one you talk to.

Seattle Times

Seattle Times

“The Seattle Daily Times in its coverage of the event was undoubtedly the most creative of the papers involved.  Of the two stories printed concerning the fight on Occidental Avenue, The Times account was the longest and most blatantly falsified. The Seattle Daily Times was the personal editorial organ of Col. Alden Blethen, famous for both his brash style and his total contempt for unionism and socialism in any form.” (The IWW, the Newspapers, and the 1913 Seattle Potlatch Riot, James Larabee)

With four Blethens on its editorial board, the Seattle Times continues its proud tradition of screwing the working class. Today’s Seattle Times is blatantly anti-worker and anti-teacher, not to mention racist. When it comes to children, the Seattle Times ought to be renamed The Village Pedophile. The late pedophile judge Gary Little couldn’t have asked for a better friend than Seattle Times CEO Frank Blethen.

Who could forget the bizarre coverage the Seattle Times gave the late derelict general turned public schools savior St. John Stanford? And who could ever forget “Crank” Blethen’s bizarre behavior during the 2000 strike or the time he performed community service after shooting a neighbor’s dog? As a teacher, a whistle-blower and a candidate for public office, I’ve lost count of the times the Seattle Times has lied about me.

Frank Blethen and his cronies are proof that Jews don’t have a monopoly on creepiness, but could Frank be a closet Zionist?

Check out the article Starbucks as citizen: Schultz acts boldly on social, political issues (Angel Gonzalez, March 15, 2015) and decide for yourself. How could anyone not believe the claim that Schulz’ office is decorated with photographs of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby and John F. Kennedy? And did he really tell a shareholder who was critical Starbucks’ support for same-sex marriage to “Sell your shares”?

It gets better. The company has “dipped its toe into the red-hot gun-ownership debate by asking people not to openly carry guns into its stores.” Wow, how radical is that?

The Times reveals that Starbucks doesn’t use organic milk and has crowded out independent coffee shops. But forget any stories you may have heard about stressed out baristas harried by unpredictable work schedules created with the help of software. The company announced some reforms just as that story was hitting the newsstands.

The Alternative

Boycotting corrupt Seattle media is hard, especially when they’re virtually all corrupt. So where else are you going to find the latest weather predictions?

The solution is simple: Use the Seattle Times as necessary without paying for it. Why buy the print edition when you can access the Seattle Times online for free?

You may occasionally get cut off with a notice that you’ve exceeded your quota of free news. But don’t sweat it; the ban seldom lasts long, and the Seattle Times hardly has a monopoly on local news. Its primary competitor, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is still around as an online service. And there’s no major difference in quality — the Seattle P-I has always been just as shitty as the Times.

If you just want to buy something, try Craigs List. Craigs List is one of a variety of resources for job seekers.

Seattle Weekly

The Seattle Weekly is a sleazy weekly “alternative” tabloid that increasingly looks like a Jewish operation. Who could forget Nina Shapiro (a Jewish media whore who recently migrated to the Seattle Times) telling readers that there’s a “scientific consensus” that genetically modified food is OK? Or did she really write that? It kind of looks like the classic exposé “Who Really Runs Seattle” isn’t the only thing the Weekly has been scrubbing from the Internet.

The Alternative

It’s hard to boycott a free newspaper, especially when the next most popular competitor (The Stranger) is just as sleazy (kind of like choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump). However, the suggestions under The Stranger may give you some ideas.

The Stranger

The Stranger

What do you get when you combine Zionism and porn? Hopefully, something a little better than The Stranger, a weekly “alternative” tabloid that pretends to cater to Seattle’s gay community while serving as a vehicle for Jewish propaganda. The Stranger cheered for the invasion of Iraq and cheered again when Muammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered, even claiming he was killed in a sewer pipe.

The Alternative

So how do you boycott a free weekly newspaper, especially when there’s no competitor that offers that magical combination of porn, Zionism and political BS?

You don’t. Instead, you educate yourself and others, learning to take everything you read in The Stranger with a couple pounds of salt.

If you’re the militant type, there are other possibilities. I wouldn’t encourage you to vandalize the metal stands The Stranger is distributed in — even though The Stranger encouraged readers to commit acts of violence against people who don’t support Obama. If you get caught, you’ll likely be charged with vandalism. And since The Stranger is a Jewish venture, you could also be charged with antisemitism, which is often considered a hate crime. For all we know, you might be shipped off to Guantanamo where you will be tortured for the rest of your life.

However, there’s a very simple alternative. If you feel the need to read The Stranger, don’t throw it away or recycle it when you’re finished. Instead, pull out a pen or a marker and write something on it, like the Star of David, an anti-Zionist political slogan or some obscenities or links to some of your favorite web pages. Then leave it laying in a place where other people can read it — on a bus, in a library, etc. Think of it as a public service.

And there’s no law that says you can only take one copy. So if you want to grab half a dozen copies for your friends and doodle on them before spacing out and leaving them lying around in a library, you’re only saving library patrons the trouble of hunting around for a copy of their favorite porn rag.