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This is where the rubber meets the road. The eleven issues I discuss here are listed in no particular order.

1. New State Flag ˆ

Before diving into the really scary, depressing issues that people increasingly believe can’t even be solved, let’s begin with a light-hearted issue that can be accomplished far more easily.

Several states are actively considering retiring their flags, either because they’re poorly designed or they’re widely considered racist.

Washington State’s ugly banner fails on both counts. Amazingly, there has never been a serious effort to promote a new flag, that I’m aware of.

The irony lies in the fact that the media have long been promoting a Confederate symbols witch-hunt which went ballistic in the wake of the George Floyd protests. If you carried a Confederate battle flag into Chaz/Chop (Seattle’s new autonomous zone), you’d probably be attacked by a mob of cowardly Antifa goons hiding behind masks. Yet Antifa and Black Lives Matter have nothing to say about the SLAVE OWNER on Washington’s flag.

Am I talking political correctness too far?

I don’t think so. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are both near mythical figures in this country. Their deification conveniently ignores some rather frightening flaws, not limited to their extraordinary racism. Perverting the historical record perverts the present and the future.

While Black Lives Matter and Antifa were sleeping, I launched the website You can learn more about my quest for a new state flag there. And you don’t have to wait for the arrogant bastards who screw you from cradle to grave to make something happen.

If you consider yourself a free-thinking independent, please consider buying an actual flag that you can hang on your wall or fly from a flagpole. And, no, you don’t have to buy my design. Merely flying any banner other than the current monstrosity furthers the cause.

If none of your favorite candidates get elected, you’ll still have your flag waving in the elitists’ arrogant faces.

In a similar spirit, I thank the students in Eastern Washington who launched a campaign to repeal Washington’s racist official state folk song, “Roll on Columbia,” which was written by the racist Jewish folk singer, Woody Guthrie.

2. Free Speech ˆ

Isn’t it amazing that our 1st Amendment rights seem to go downhill with every country we invade? So much for the fairy tale about our troops fighting to defend our free speech.

As a political activist, I learned the truth about “free speech” long ago. I was even more horrified by the assault on free speech when I began running for public office.

Not until about five years ago did I take off the latest in a series of blinders and discover the Jews. Stunned by the corruption in the Jewish community, I coined the term Jewarchy. State officials wanted to ban that word from the statement I submitted to the Voters Pamphlet in 2016!

I don’t like Tim Eyman. I think he’s an asshole. About the only thing I like about this one-issue drone is his penchant for (sometimes) telling it like it is.

In fact, Eyman was the subject of a minor media frenzy in mid-June. It seems state officials didn’t like what he said about Governor Jay Inslee in his statement in the Voters Pamphlet. The punch line: Kitsap County was on my case regarding something I said about Bill Gates in my Voters Pamphlet statement. But the media didn’t mention me.

I’ve read that Eyman has also called Inslee “a lying whore.” He has even been condemned for using the acronym “BS.”


Are Washingtonians really so pure their virgin ears can’t tolerate the truthful sound of “BS”?

As for lying whores, there are probably 50,000 people in Seattle alone who qualify. What else are we going to call them, truthmongers? Are we supposed to show them respect?

Some clueless citizens agree with the civility police. They say their tired of negativity and want to hear candidates’ thoughts about the issues. Funny, these citizens don’t appear to be bothered by the media whores who studiously ignore candidates’ issues.

In an article in Spokane’s The Spokesman-Review, media whore Jim Camden gloated over the fact that, in the last election, I (officially) got less votes than mega-kook candidate Goodspaceguy. The irony is that media whores like Camden gave Goodspaceguy far more press than me, and they almost never mention my issues. Nice double standard, huh?

I say let candidates say whatever they want in the Voters Pamphlet, as long as they don’t write anything illegal. If a candidate writes something so clueless, bizarre or hateful it makes you blush, send them a thank you card for helping you weed out another bad candidate.

Incidentally, another mega-asshole is under fire for exercising his First Amendment rights. pResident Donald Trump earned a Facebook ban when he posted a message that included a red triangle bordered by black. Apparently, that’s the symbol Germany’s National Socialists used to designate political prisoners.

So what?

World War II is over, get over it. Germans are still deprived of their free speech rights. They can be prosecuted and imprisoned for merely asking questions about historical incidents, particularly the Holocaust, which increasingly looks like yet another Jewish fairy tale.

Now the Jew-controlled media are seizing on some lame symbol in suggesting that Donald Trump is “antisemitic,” when he’s a virtual Jew himself.

At the same time, the Jewish media are muzzling truthmongers like myself. Get it?

3. Coronavirus ˆ

The coronavirus pandemic, of course, is one of this generation’s biggest events. Some people approve of the way Governor Jay Inslee handled the response, while some candidates have filed lawsuits against the government. In particular, some think the lockdown is unconstitutional.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who smell conspiracy, vote for me. Better yet, get a copy of my book, Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy.

Unfortunately, my book doesn’t offer any simple solutions. If you have some simple solutions, I’m all ears.

In the meantime, the term “big pharma” is a reminder that our entire health care industry is just as corrupt as our government, media and everything else. Fixing this mess isn’t going to be easy. But it must be done, and it all begins with educating yourself.

Get a copy of my book.

4. Sex Trafficking ˆ

This is one of those issues that are almost too horrible to think about.

To put it in perspective, if a person was murdered in Seattle, the police would be right on top of it. It might make headlines.

If two or three people were murdered in a single day, it would definitely make the news. And if someone murdered a cop—even if it was a rogue cop who had murdered innocent civilians—that would definitely be front page news, maybe for days or even weeks.

Now imagine some teenager or even a child being held captive as a sex slave. Some victims might consider that on a par with murder, maybe worse.

Multiply it by several thousand, because sex trafficking is an ongoing thing that involves thousands of victims in Seattle alone.

In Seattle, child sex trafficking is as easy as ordering pizza, according to an article in MyNorthwest. The article says local police estimate as many as 500 teens are working as sex slaves in King County every day.

The irony is that child abuse has long been rampant in Seattle’s public schools, and the media whores at MyNorthwest appear to be very dedicated to protecting school district pimps.

Which begs the question how many sex trafficking victims are enslaved by the 1%? By now we’ve all heard about Bill Gates’ connections to the Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Gates attended the exclusive Lakeside School for Boys, the very school where the late pedophile Gary Little taught. In fact, it’s widely rumored that Little later ran a sex ring in the Seattle School District. Some teachers claim Bill Gates’ father and/or Seattle Times owner Frank Blethen were involved. Could that explain why the Times was so reluctant to blow the whistle on Judge Gary Little?

Former Garfield High School principal Al Jones was accused of having sex with students. His replacement, Cheryl Chow, was allegedly grooming students for sex, too.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray left office in the midst of a barrage of rape accusations. His accusers included a cousin.

How many other local corporate tycoons, media whores and public officials are guilty of child abuse? What role does The Stranger—a semi-pornographic Jewish tabloid—play in this sordid business?

While the corporate/Jewish media thrill us with stories about the latest police stings, the real culprits may actually control the media and the police department.

5. Homelessness ˆ

Like the coronavirus pandemic, homelessness is a very complex issue that probably has no easy solutions.

In the long run, the best solution is prevention. That means we’re going to have to tackle not just corporate corruption but automation and artificial intelligence.

In the meantime, what’s going to happen when the coronavirus stimulus benefits run out, reportedly in August? What are we going to do if America’s homeless population doubles in a few weeks? What if it tripled, or quadrupled?

Some people say homelessness is a Seattle problem. They claim homeless people are drawn to Microsoftville by feelgood Seattle liberals, who are to quick to give needy people handouts.

This is a half-truth at best.

First, Seattle liberals aren’t as nice as you might think. They shit on children trapped in Seattle’s public schools with a vengeance.

Second, some of the homeless people who move to Seattle from other cities lost their jobs because of local corporate juggernauts like Microsoft and Amazon.

Third, the rising cost of housing and rent alone guarantees a steady supply of home grown homeless people.

And if you think homelessness is just a Seattle problem, take a closer look. How many of your neighbors are wondering where they’ll be after those stimulus benefits dry up? And are you going to survive the next economic crash or disease pandemic?

6. Taxes ˆ

Tim Eyman is Washington State’s most famous anti-tax crusader by far.

In the beginning, I regarded him as a grassroots political activist and a populist. Later, I said “Wait a minute. Something doesn’t smell right.”

How did Eyman get a hundred times more publicity than I did, when I tackled far more issues, even running for public office? And how could a lone wolf be so successful in getting initiatives passed?

I think Eyman is an example of controlled opposition. He pretends to be fighting for us when he’s actually working for the bad guys.

One of the best pieces of evidence is the shallowness of his campaign. If you’re going to campaign for lower taxes for ordinary citizens, doesn’t it make sense to advocate for making the rich pay their fair share of taxes?

Yet Eyman has little to say about Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Bill Gates and other corporate deadbeats. Nor does he discuss the enormous waste in public education, that I’m aware of.

In the meantime, Bill Gates admits he isn’t paying his fair share of taxes. In fact, he’s racked with guilt, just as he mourns the fact that he didn’t war us about the coronavirus pandemic earlier.

Maybe Bill Gates should get in touch with Tim Eyman.

But that won’t happen, because they’re on the same side.

Ready for a little humor?

In 2019, the World Trade Organization concluded that Boeing benefited from unfair subsidies from Washington State worth roughly $100 million a year. Desperately seeking to escape international trade sanctions, Boeing then asked lawmakers to draft legislation terminating its tax breaks.

It looks like Jay Inslee and Tim Eyman have had their heads up each other’s butts.

In the meantime, my tax proposal is the same as it was a quarter century ago: Stop giving the rich obscene tax breaks, and audit public school districts, beginning with Seattle.

7. Education ˆ

My education platform is pretty much the same as it was when I first ran for public office in 1999.

However, I’ve just recently become aware of the extraordinary number of Jews who are pulling the strings. If Jews control the media, the economy and the government, why would they not control education?

I’ll discuss this issue more in some of the books I’m working on. But what’s the use when teachers and parents don’t seem to care?

Since I began my crusade, our public schools have continued to sink deeper into a corporate sewer every year. Bill Gates threw in the towel and helped usher in charter schools, which will only make the situation worse.

8. Jewarchy ˆ

We can trash talk North Korea and invade Muslim countries, torturing, raping and murdering thousands of innocent people. But we can’t say the J-word without being labeled “antisemitic,” whatever that is.

Driven by my passion for free speech and justice, I coined the word Jewarchy, which you can learn about @

Round 2 is my forthcoming book Jews 101. I started working on it a couple years ago and hoped to have it finished before this year’s election. If I don’t make it, then I’ll try to get it published before the end of the year.

If you don’t understand strange propaganda terms like antisemitism, and you can’t figure out why Jews are probably the most hated group of people on the planet, you aren’t going to find the answer in books that you can obtain from Amazon or your local library. Books that tell the truth are typically banned, free speech be damned.

Then again, many of the so-called “NeoNazis” and “Holocaust Deniers” are working for the Jews, and their books may not be completely truthful.

Compare my book to the books written by the so-called revisionists. There are some enormous differences.

Learn more at

9. China ˆ

As you may know, the U.S. and China are in a virtual state of war. But do you know the details?

The U.S. accuses China of playing dirty pool, including international spying and stealing technology from other countries. The irony is that the U.S. is the biggest spy and technology thief on the planet. Some would argue that, pound for pound, Israel is #1. However, that may be a moot point, because Israel effectively controls the U.S. (I sometimes use the term Jewmerica to describe the Israeli/U.S. merger.)

Another piece of irony is that China boasts some of the best technology in the world. It has passed the U.S. in modernizing its infrastructure, and the world’s best smartphone is arguably made by Huawei. In fact, Huawei has eclipsed Apple’s iPhone and even beat Samsung to become the most popular smartphone in the world, despite U.S. sanctions.

So exactly who is China stealing all this advanced technology from? Only a fool would steal from Microsoft, which is essentially a giant crapware factory. If you want to steal surveillance technology, on the other hand, Microsoft and Google would both be good targets.

But if China has stolen surveillance technology from Google, that’s fine with me. I’d rather be spied on by the Chinese than the Jews.

In the meantime, have you ever studied Chinese history? If not, even a cursory examination will open your eyes.

I wouldn’t describe China’s government as perfect, but making a side-by-side comparison with the U.S. is frankly shocking.

The U.S. is far more militaristic, ranking with Israel as the world’s foremost terrorist state. In terms of domestic policies, China’s government may be more authoritarian (or is it?), but there may be more homeless people in Seattle than in all of China.

For me, the final straw is children. As a teacher with the Seattle School District, I saw the way Americans shit on their own children. It’s disgusting.

The Chinese are a different story. They take education very seriously, and they clearly take care of their children. How many Asians do you see among Seattle’s street people and homeless population?

Yet another irony is that Seattle liberals have apparently fallen in step with Donald Trump on China. I’m certainly not aware of any Seattle activist groups supporting China.

You can learn more about China’s surprising role in both history and current events in my book Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy.

10. Environment ˆ

As always, the environment is the eternal #1 political issue. What’s the use of fixing our public schools and making Bill Gates pay his fair share of taxes if we can’t even breathe the air or drink the water?

If elected Governor, I’ll do everything I can to roll back the anti-environmental policies dumped on us by Donald Trump, Obama and George W. Bush.

11. Accountability ˆ

The environment may be the #1 issue, but we aren’t going to fix anything as long as the world is ruled by the so-called global elitists.

Speaking of which, have you ever heard of a Jewish environmental activist? Jewish ornithologist and author Jared Diamond is a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) board member.

However, the WWF may not be what you think it is. It has been criticized for its ties to corporations and has even been associated with paramilitaries.

At any rate, we can’t fix any of the ten issues discussed above as long as Jews and other corrupt entities are running the show. If it sounds like I’m talking about something along the lines of revolution or war, you’ve got it.

If you have a better plan, I’m all ears. In the meantime, our quality of life index is declining as fast as the national debt is increasing (now over $26 trillion). The good news: a global population of impoverished people may not worry too much about extermination, which would relieve millions of people from a life of unbearable misery.

But I think we can do better than that. Even if we can’t, I think we should try, just as no self-respecting parent would abandon a child diagnosed with a terminal illness.