George Floyd

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To all the African Americans who are protesting and rioting in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a killer cop named Derek Michael Chauvin, I say THANK YOU.

To all the white people who have joined in the protests, I say THANK YOU.

To those who attacked CNN headquarters in Atlanta, I say THANK YOU. The only good media whore is a dead media whore.

To those who redacted footage of Floyd’s murder and who only charged him with third degree murder and manslaughter – manslaughter?! – I say burn in Hell.

I’m sure many members of the community have your names, and I hope you get what George Floyd got.

To those who call the protesters unhinged or racist, I say go to Hell. The racists are the Jews who run America. They’re the ones who recruit and protect killer cops like Derek Chauvin.

The police state is all about keeping people down. The only way to beat it is to fight back.

Viva the revolution!

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