Free Speech Quest

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No, I didn’t get elected. With THREE DOZEN candidates in this race and virtually no media even mentioning my name, I’ll be lucky to get more than .1% of the vote.

But don’t forget to thank me for my efforts to protect our First Amendment rights.

In fact, free speech is even more endangered than I realized. I had a helluva time ordering knickknacks bearing the words “Jew Flu.”

Not only could I not order the business cards, face masks and T-shirts I designed, many companies banned my account. One European company even banned me.

And yet I eventually obtained some Jew Flu business cards and T-shirts. And you’ll never guess where I got them.


That’s right, I had to go to communist China to find people who respect free speech.

If you’re one of the clowns who claim that “Jew flu” is an “antisemitic” slur, then you couldn’t be more wrong. I have nothing against Arabs.

Moreover, how is it fair for Donald Trump and the media to talk about the “China flu” or “Chinese flu” while moaning about “Jew flu”?

Similarly, the “Spanish flu” had nothing to do with Spain other than the fact that its millions of victims included Spanish citizens.

Get it?

An exceptionally slimy media whore Jim Camden is trying to alert his readers to my “antisemitism.” At the same time, a couple bimbos from Bellingham filed a complaint with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) over a postcard promoting my book Jew Flu.

Camden claims it was some kind of outrageous violation of the law. In fact, it’s a gray area; at this point, it looks like I will either pay the minimum fine or no fine at all.

But the complaints that were filed with the PDC clearly focus on the words “Jew Flu.” That’s their real complaint.

One of the complainants is a Jewish professor who apparently teaches her students about the Holocaust, an event that has been so wildly exaggerated and manipulated, many people increasingly doubt that it ever happened, period.

Fortunately, the First Amendment gives her the right to spread her bullshit, just as three former students had the right to give her a shockingly low grade of 1.0.

If this Jewish bimbo can’t even do a good job spreading bullshit about the holohoax, maybe she should team up with Jim Camden and help promote Goodspaceguy.

Just sayin’.

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