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As Seattle’s only activist, I’m here to turn things upside down, breaking a few records in the process.

July 16, 2018Breaking News! Football (aka soccer) fans, did you just watch the World Cup or Jew Cup?

World Cup vs Jew Cup

(I release both of these images into the public domain. Copy and display them far and wide!

World Cup vs Jew Cup

Some two years after I published it online, YouTube finally banned my Jewarchy video. Fortunately, you can still see it on Vimeo.

In other news, there appear to be at least seven candidates for public office across the U.S. who are challenging the Jews…or are they?

In fact, most, if not all of them, are right-wing racists who appear to be making little or no effort to organize. Nor are their issues that sharp. It’s called controlled opposition.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Read my Election Day Victory update and check out the election results here. The bad news: The election is over. Our next governor is Jay Inslee, and our next pResident is Hillary Clinton. Be very afraid. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fight back. In fact, my campaign is just beginning. See Phase II.

* * * * *

Check out my review of the 2017 Seattle Mayoral Candidates!

Book Alert!

Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind schedule (as usual). My first political book will be Conspiracy Science 101, and it won’t be finished until later this year (2018). I also hope to publish A Truther’s Guide to WWII before the end of the year.

As time allows, I’ll put information about these books online @ KPow Books.

Actually, the book I’m working on right now—Geobop’s State Symbols—has turned out to be surprisingly political.

David W. Blomstrom

I probably discuss more issues than all my opponents combined. I’m the only candidate who cares enough about educating citizens to create a Politix 101 series. I may be the only candidate in the nation who’s taking on the Jewish Mafia and likely the only one holding Bill Gates accountable as well. My campaign may even put a new word in the dictionary: jewarchy (see www.jewarchy.com for more information).

Below is my very first video. I’m going to add some audio files (podcasts) very soon and will slowly add more videos as I’m able to.


The Invisible Bill Gates

Invisible Issues

2016 Presidential Campaign
Told ya so! Just yesterday (July 26), the front page of the right-wing Seattle Times displayed Bernie Sanders’ undying devotion to that disgusting whore many of us wish would slither down a storm drain: “I am proud to stand with her.” That’s right, the broadway musical BERNIE SANDERS has now begun Act II.
Don’t be in a hurry to vote! It takes time to learn about the candidates and the issues, especially when there’s so much propaganda to sort through. You are looking at the most ambitious campaign website associated with any of the gubernatorial candidates, yet it’s far from finished. I have much more to say about the issues and my opponents. Time and money allowing, I may be adding some more videos and possibly some polls. There may be a few surprises in store, too. This is a very special election; don’t fritter it away with a hasty vote.
See my campaign video here.
See my Statement on the Dallas police shooting (the 2nd most popular page on my site after the home page)
Click to find out why no other candidate has Polcheck.

Some people don’t like me because I don’t graze with the flock. I don’t support America’s endless wars or the troops who fight them, and I can be downright uncivil when dealing with uncivil people — like the corporate scum and pedophiles who run Seattle, which in turn controls Washington State. If you want change, you’re not going to get it on a silver platter; you have to fight for it. If you don’t believe me, you need to study history.

Candidates who attend endorsement interviews with the corporate media — ranging from the Seattle Times to alternative porno rags like The Stranger — obviously do not represent the people.

Rampant corporate/political corruption, rising taxes, Seattle’s gentrification and skyrocketing rent, global warming, Fukushima radiation, genetically modified food, public education, Israeli terrorism and Jewish bankers — I have plenty to say about all of these and more.

(See my statements from my previous election campaigns.)

Two for One

Washingtonians will also elect a new Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) this year. Sadly, our previous SPI’s have been simply disgusting. As a teacher turned whistle-blower and political activist, I’ve run for this office against Terry Bergeson and (after Bergeson ran away to California) union whore Randy Dorn. When I first ran for the office of SPI in 2000, I was an amateur in the political arena and a complete unknown. Yet I got nearly 8% of the vote statewide against four opponents, including the incumbent, a candidate who got more media publicity than all the other candidates combined and a third candidate who was backed by multi-billionaire charter school supporter Paul Allen.

As Governor, I would play a leading role in cleaning up the education bureaucracy. I will NOT promote new or higher taxes to better fund education. Rather, I’ll rely on two very clever tricks for doing the job:

1. Make Bill Gates, Microsoft, Boeing and other welfare queens pay their fair share of taxes.
2. Cut the extraordinary waste and corruption in public education.

Those aren’t empty words; no one has campaigned harder for a genuine, thorough audit of the Seattle School District, along with various related reforms, than me. As Governor, cleaning up the Seattle School District would be a top priority. Seattle is Washington’s de facto capital; it’s where most of the state’s education policies are crafted. So if you want to fix education, you start in Seattle.

So elect me and get a new Governor and a new Education Chief of Staff at the same time, plus you’ll get two magic tickets out of the More Taxes Zone.

In the meantime, you can help by merely talking about my campaign and posting links to www.governor5.com on websites, forums, comments sections and in e-mails. The corporate media are going to pretend I don’t exist, as always. There can be no real election without YOUR participation…starting NOW.

PolCheck is a new website dedicated to the obvious — shining a light on political leaders, activists and candidates for public office. I call it obvious, because it’s actually insanely easy to spot fake leaders. The problem is that most U.S. citizens are so brainwashed, they just don’t know how to think for themselves. Then again, it’s increasingly difficult to find a decent candidate to vote for. So voting for a lemon doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stupid; it could mean you’re just desperate, like so many of us. Still, there are a lot of pied pipers out there that need to be exposed, and PolCheck makes it incredibly easy to do that.

Below is a copy of my Voters Pamphlet statement.

Voters Pamphlet Statement

Jewarchy. Merely adding that word to your vocabulary makes my campaign a success. If you’re bothered by the U.S. government giving billions of dollars to Israel – an illegitimate terrorist state – or Obama giving millions to wealthy alleged Holocaust survivors while snubbing homeless Americans or survivors of the ongoing Native American Holocaust, then you already have an idea what I’m talking about. Learn more at www.jewarchy.com.

Better yet, begin with www.geobop.com/politix-101 and a peek at www.davidblomstrom.com. Then ask “Why do no other candidates, politicians or ‘activists’ have a comparable track record and online resume or care enough to educate the public?”

I’m a veteran who does not support the troops, a former teacher who blew the whistle on my own employer and a former wildlife biologist who knows that Bill Gates doesn’t have a clue about education, feeding the hungry or anything else except making crappy software.

I also coined the term Seattle Mafia, showcased at www.seattlemafia.com. Washington’s de facto capital, Seattle is little more than a cancer cell, a playpen for corporate tycoons and shallow yuppies.

Even if all you care about are higher taxes and Seattle’s skyrocketing rent, how are you going to fix things if you don’t even recognize the root of the problem? Clue: How much taxes do Bill Gates, Boeing and Amazon pay? Who’s the leading spokesman for genetically modified food? Who controls Seattle (and therefore Washington State)? Bill Gates. Yet how many politicians, candidates and “activists” have one word to say about Gates?

As Carl Sagan said, “Don’t sit this one out. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” Viva la revolucion! www.governor5.com

(See the statements from my previous campaigns.)

Below is the video that appeared in the Video Voters Guide.

I dedicate the video below to the millions of people who lead lives of quiet desperation, trapped in bleak office cubicles or dead-end jobs. You don’t need to speak Spanish to understand the story. (Note: If you like the song, you can purchase La Vuelta al Mundo via iTunes.)
And for America’s growing army of homeless, who have one foot in the grave, this next video is a warning against following false leaders — like Obama, Bernie Sanders and Seattle’s Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata. Che Guevara was real. There are various versions of this song (one of my favorites is the one recorded by the Trinitarios), along with some interesting videos to explore.
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