David Blomstrom
for Governor

E Pluribus Unum

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Please believe in THE POWER OF ONE. One person can make an enormous difference in the world. One person — actually, one idea — can start a war, or end one, or subvert an entire power structure. One discovery can cure a disease or spawn new technology to benefit or annihilate the human race. You as ONE individual can change millions of lives. Think big. Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals.” Iris Chang

Hi, my name is David W. Blomstrom, and I’m a candidate for Washington State Governor.

The media like to call me a “perennial candidate” because I never stop running for office, even though it’s almost impossible to get elected, largely because of media corruption.

Well, you can call me a perennial pain in the ass, because my campaigns keep getting better.

While Tim Eyman is begging for money, I thought I’d try to earn a little money to back my campaign by selling some things you might find kind of useful. In fact, I’m hoping to publish four books that I’ve been working on for some time. To the best of my knowledge, SeaWA Politix 101 will be the first, and therefore the only, general political reference focusing on Washington State and its de facto capital, Seattle, ever published.

Hot Books

Bill Gates: Asshole may be the first truthful book about that tax-dodging, poop-drinking weirdo/bastard ever published. And, believe it or not, I haven’t been able to find a truthful general reference about Jews. Jews 101 is based on ten of the questions about Jews people most commonly ask—and seldom get a truthful answer to.

But my first book explores the conspiracy theories swirling around the coronavirus. Since you may spend a few more months locked up, you might be interested in what I’ve learned so far.

Breaking. news: Jew Flu is finished! Click to buy a copy or learn more about the book. Unfortunately, the coronavirus combined with a computer crash hit me harder than expected. I’m still hoping to get SeaWA Politix published before the election. However, the other books will probably be postponed until later in the year or possibly even early next year.

You can learn more about my books @ www.kpowbooks.com.

I also designed a series of two-sided business cards that allow you to get involved in political activism. Just choose your favorite political issue and buy a pack of 100 cards for $20-$30. You can then give the Seattle Times and all the other media whores the middle finger as you publicize my campaign behind their lying backs.

Business Cards: Taxes

If you want to be even more visible, buy a T-shirt bearing the words “I Survived the Jew Flu.” Or get a T-shirt or a mug decorated with my new Washington state flag proposal. Or buy an actual flag and hang it on your wall, or run it up your flagpole.

Flag Mug

Check out these Campaign 2020 mementoes and more on the Support page.

I’ll bet you never knew political activism could be so much fun, did you?

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. Please check back now and then, because I’m going to continue adding content, and I have some positively evil ideas in the works. 😉

David W. Blomstrom

P.S. You might want to use your stimulus check to buy the world’s best smartphone, a Huawei. I used a Huawei Mate 30 Pro to take photos for my landmark book SeaWA Politix 101. It rocks! As a bonus, Huawei can help you escape Google, just as I ditched Microsoft for a Mac years ago.

Mission Accomplished!

Jew Flu is available at a cost of $10 in three formats.

If you plan on reading it on a Kindle, then choose the Kindle version. If you don’t have a Kindle, you will probably want the Epub 2.0 version, which should work for your iBooks, Nook and Kobo readers.

If you prefer to view Jew Flu as a PDF file, then choose that option.

Epub 2.0 (for iBooks, Nook and Kobo)  
Kindle version  
PDF file  


If you want to learn more about the book, visit www.jewflu.us.
Huawei Mate 30 Pro
This website is NOTJewgle